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Tulip Season: A Mitra Basu Mystery

Pastries: A Novel of Desserts and Discoveries

Darjeeling: A Novel

Siva Dancing: A Novel

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Tulip Season: A Mitra Basu Mystery
A missing domestic-violence counselor. A wealthy and callous husband. A dangerous romance.
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Kareena Sinha, an Indian-American domestic-violence counselor, disappears from her Seattle home. When the police dismiss suspicions that she herself was a victim of spousal abuse, her best friend, Mitra Basu, a young landscape designer, resolves to find her. Mitra’s search reveals glimpses of a secret life involving her friend and a Bollywood actor of ill repute. Following the trail, Mitra is lured back to India where she uncovers the actor’s ties to the Mumbai underworld and his financial difficulties – landing her into a web of life-threatening intrigue where Mitra can’t be sure of Kareena’s safety or her own.


“Mitra is gunpowder chutney to the mystery genre, her adventures a hot refreshing blast of sumptuous storytelling. Bharti Kirchner has once again conquered another literary field. HighlyAddictive. Skye Moody, Author of the mystery Three Bags Full

"An evocative look at Seattle's darker side." Cara Black, author of the mystery novel, Murder at the Lanterne Rouge.

"A multi-layered mystery. Lovely and compelling." Curt Colbert, co-author of the upcoming mystery novel, Dial ‘C’ for Chihuahua.

Darjeeling: A Novel
Set in the mountainous tea plantations of Darjeeling, India and in New York, DARJEELING is the story of two sisters long separated by their love for an idealistic young revolutionary man. This is a complex novel about family, exile, sisterly relations, and how one incident can haunt a person for the rest of their lives.

Pastries: A Novel of Desserts and Discoveries
Sunya, a young America woman, is the head baker and owner of Pastries Café. The success of her beloved bakery is put in jeopardy when a chain bakery threatens to open down the street from her, and when she discovers she has lost her touch for baking. How will she rediscover her jest for work and life?

Sharmila's Book
American woman travels to India for an arranged marriage.

Shiva Dancing: A Novel
Unfolding against a vivid canvas of intersecting cultures and passions, spiced with the richness and grace of Indian tradition, this wry and literary debut novel follows a spirited woman in her search for her place in the world.

Selected Works

Released in 2016. Set in 17-Century India, the story of a village girl who becomes one of the most prominent women in India.
"Engrossing," The Seattle Times . Click
Sweeping family saga, about forbidden love and family honor (Sensual...suspenseful, Kirkus Reviews)
Sharmila, an American woman, travels to India for an arranged marriage. ("Smart, swift, and funny" -- Kirkus Reviews)
A spirited woman takes a fascinating journey of self-discovery (Finely crafted - Publisher’s Weekly)
A talented pastry chef rediscovers her love for life. (Witty. sensitive, elegant .. San Francisco Chronicle)