Bharti Kirchner

Goddess of Fire: A Novel

Set in 17-Century India, the story of a village who rises in the ranks of British East India Company.

Selected Works

Published in September 2017. First in the series, set in Seattle, it tells the story of a young, brilliant, dedicated scientist who dies in a violent street protest, leaving behind her questions for a new sleuth to solve. “Readers will look forward to seeing more of the astute Maya.” (Publisher’s Weekly)
Released in 2016. Set in 17-Century India, the story of a village girl who becomes one of the most prominent women in India.
"Engrossing," The Seattle Times . Click
Sweeping family saga, about forbidden love and family honor (Sensual...suspenseful, Kirkus Reviews)
Sharmila, an American woman, travels to India for an arranged marriage. ("Smart, swift, and funny" -- Kirkus Reviews)
A spirited woman takes a fascinating journey of self-discovery (Finely crafted - Publisher’s Weekly)
A talented pastry chef rediscovers her love for life. (Witty. sensitive, elegant .. San Francisco Chronicle)